Theses and senior projects supervised at Bennington College


Big City Dreams: Gentrification in Mexico City’s Colonia Roma, by J. Lopez Guevara

The Stigmatization of Menstruation in Ladakh, India and How it Impacts Women’s Wellbeing and Their Role in Society, by Stanzin Angmo

Authenticity in Chinese Restaurants in the East Village, by Lila Weiser


Inevitable Encounters?:  Tourism, Culture and Community in the Contemporary Caribbean, by Alex Ray 

Presence of Mind: An Ethnographic Inquiry into the Therapeutic Space, by Ronan Canty

Tightrope, Trapeze and Trauma: Disruption of Identity Following Injury amongst Circus Performers, by Sarah Tiffin

La República Independiente de Magallanes: Nationhood at the End of the World, by Benjamin Wolinsky


The Fluidity of Self: Identity Formation for Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in Hinchal Pradesh, by Laura E. Miller

In Defense of the Shoreline: Ecotones of Coastal Luisiana’s Land, Water, and Policy Post-BP Disaster, by Lindsey Sadlou

A Band-Aid for a Chasm: Evaluating the Efficacy of Consent Decrees to Address Systemic Police Violence, by Timna Jahoda Kliger

The Bloody Politic: Social and Biological Experiences of Menstruation and Conflict at Bennington College, by Abby Mahler

Breaking the Sound Barrier: Women in Underground Music, by Nicole Lee

“But What Are We?”: Constructing and Navigating Ethnicity in Post-Dayton Bosnia and Herzegovina, by Malia Guyer-Stevens

Disguised Development: Creation of Place and Identity in Southeastern Turkey through GAP, by Farah Mohammad

Do You Know What You Are Drinking? Kinship and Labor in the Production of Fair-Trade Coffee, by Rebecca Reategui

Drugs = Bad: Drug Research, Mass Incarceration, and Privilege, by Lucas Marten

Drunk on Power: Alcohol Reforms and the Culture of Consumption in the Secular Republic of Turkey, by Hannah Alongi


Quinoa Producers Navigate through Change, by Liu Yudong

Resisting the Grammar of Schooling: An Investigation of School-based Prevention and Educational Reform, by Amanda Coviello

“It’s Better You Share, You’ll Feel Lighter”: International Students’ Identity  Negotiation at Bennington College,” by Friederike Windel


Finding the Magpie’s Nest: Practicing Traditional Irish Song in Contemporary Society, by Katherine McCann

The Language of Risk, by Anais Duplan

New Mainers and the American Experience of Giving Refuge, by Grace Pease

The Refugee Experience: Bakutsi and the Karabakh Conflict, by Jiray Avedisian

We’ll Flip It on You: A Generational Study of Hip-Hop Space and Communication in the Bronx, by Laurette Siler


Art Patronage in Renaissance Florence, the Medici, and the Remarkable Character of Michelangelo, by Holly Camisa

Contradictions in Meaning: The Many Narratives on Local Identity and Culture in Hawai’i, by Brittany Curtis

The Importance of Body Language: Early Gaelic Ireland, Iron Age Bog Bodies, and the Impact of Collective Memory, by Victoria Harty


Superior Life, Superior Children: A Study of Chinese Family and the One Child Policy, by Rachel Chenette


The Body is a (Dimming) Stove: A Study of the Evolution of Medicine in Tibet through the Work of Culture and the Sino-Tibetan Relationship, by Noryang Yeshi

Spoken Language and Group Identity: A Case Study in a Lebanese Village, by Bree Wallace

Wither the Wild: Nature, Culture, and the Framing of the American Landscape, by Mallory Moran 


Development and Nature in China: An Inquiry into Frontiers, Friction, Connections, Transitions and Traditions, by Eliza Slater


The Vermont Way of Agriculture: An Ethnography of Local Food Culture by Lauren Harris

Ideas of Modernization and Development in China  by Jessica O’Callahan


Tea Water: A Study of the Public Health Systems on a Sri Lankan Tea Plantation by Nadine McLeod

Among Women of Khera Kalan  by Aarti Rana

Education is Our Connection to the Past and Our Hope for the Future: The Creation of Nuestra Historia Education Curriculum and its Role in Reconstructing Afro-Ecuadorian Identity  by Rebecca Robinson


Vermont’s Cultural and Ecological Journey through Time  by J. Vivian Gray

The Forgotten People: An Exploration of What It Means to Be a Berber Shepherd in Morocco  by Indaia Whitcombe

Leave Me Alive: The Experiences of Child Soldiers in Northern Uganda  by Maren Coniglione


Walls that Speak: How Women Express their Culture through the Contemporary Mural Movement in Mission District of San Francisco  by Ariana Kanwit

Religion in Practice: Ashanti Traditional Priests in Post-colonial Ghana  by Adam Sussman


Interrelationships between People and their Landscape: An Ethno-ecological study of Sugar Makers and their Sugar Bushes in Bennington County, Vermont  by Dana Visser

A Struggle in Concert: The Role Music Played in the South African Resistance Movement against Apartheid  by Alyssa Lowe

Utilizing Sexual Knowledge: Sociocultural Determinants of Sexual Decision Making in American Women  by Anatte Kormendi

HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Need for the Inclusion of a Human Rights Approach by Rowan Kunz

Svan Songs: Polyphony and Identity in Svaneti of the Republic of Georgia by Andrea Boothby


Domestic Violence in a Marginal Population: A Case Study of an Inner-City Slum in Mumbai  by Aadya Bedi


Another Brick in the Wall: A Look into Recent Events in Ústí nad Labem, the Czech Republic  by Keelin Isenhower

Kumina  by Meagan Mattingly


American Kinship: A Three-Part Narrative including an Analysis of American Kinship, a Family History, and Personal Essays on an American Family  by Julia Fahey


Wind Carries the Seed: Memory, Representation, and Experience. A Discussion of Personal and Collective Remembering through the Lenses of Culture, Power, Narrative and Space by Elizabeth Gaumer

Ethnic Identity and the Cultivation of Difference: An Inquiry into the Origins and Development of the Sri Lankan Conflict  by Srinivasaraghavan Lalapet

How Much Can Fly Ideas…An American Exploration into Indian Music  by Cybele Paschke

The Acadian Oral Tradition: An Inquiry into the Ethnic Identity and Storytelling of Minority French-speakers in County Clare, Nova Scotia  by Lisa Gustavson

The Pin-up Representing America during World War II  by Lynn Murphy


A Place Called Home: The African Refugee Experience in Portland, Maine  by Rebecca Stubbs