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Professor of Anthropology at Bennington College

Sociocultural AnthropologyThe AIDS Pandemic
People, Culture and SocietyCulture, Environment and Sustainable Living
Peoples and Cultures of AfricaEmbracing Difference
Many Peoples, One WorldBeginning Peacebuilding
Making a Living (economic anthropology)Practicing Peacebuilding
Being Human (four-fields introduction)Families: Love and Power in the Domestic Sphere
Production, Consumption, and ExchangeStructures of Power in Society
Colonialism and Its Aftermath Global Capitalism
(Re)Presenting Culture (ethnographic film)Consumerism
Exploring the World through Research Gender and Social Change in Modern Africa
U.S. of A: Multiculturalism and Diversity  Learning from People
Reading the Body AIDS Activism in Africa (in Uganda)
Other People’s Worlds Studying Place by Metes and Bounds
Anthropology of Art Gender, Inequality and Social Change
On TyrannyGlobalization
From an Indigenous Point of View:  Voices and Words of Cultures of the World In Sickness and in Health: Introduction to Medical Anthropology
History of Anthropological TheoryCultural Localities I and II
Theories of Social Life Advanced Research Seminar in Society, Culture and Thought

Visiting Professor

  • Peoples and Cultures of Africa, Williams College, MA.
  • Gender and Social Change in Modern Africa, Williams College, MA.
  • Race, Class, Ethnicity and Gender, Community College of Vermont, Bennington, VT.
  • Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Community College of Vermont, Bennington, VT.
  • Contemporary Issues in American Society, Bennington College July Program, Bennington, VT.  
  • Qualitative Research, Australian National University, National Centre for Development Studies. 

Teaching Fellow, Department of Anthropology, Yale University.  

  • Anthropology through Film: An Introduction to World Ethnography  (Professor John Middleton)
  • Man and Culture (Professor William Kelly)
  • Becoming Human (Professors Keith Basso and Andrew Moore)
  • Chinese Communist Society: Ideology and Social Change (Professor Helen Siu)